`WELCOME KYUSHU` ONSEN CONTEST 2016. Please vote for Kurokawa Onsen!

There must be a fair amount of friendly rivalry between the onsens in neighbouring prefectures of Kyushu! Last year,two onsens in Oita prefecture pipped Kurokawa Onsen to the post,forcing it into third place in this contest run by Kyushu Tourism. Currently,Kurokawa Onsen (Kumamoto Pref.) is in second place with 239 votes,a bit behind Yufuin Onsen (Oita Pref.) with 278….voting runs until January 15th ,2017 so there is still time to cast your vote and send the link to friends or relatives who have also visited Kurokawa Onsen. (Foreign tourists in Japan or overseas may vote,the contest prize is a pair of vouchers towards a one-night stay in an as-yet-undisclosed inn in Kyushu). Just click through on the heart mark of your chosen onsen (KUROKAWA ONSEN of course!) and that takes you to a second page to VOTE and enter your details if you would like to be entered in the prize draw.

PLUS,there is lots of useful information on the site on Kyushu Onsen,in English,Japanese and Chinese .Please go to the Welcome Kyushu website 

to cast your vote for Kurokawa Onsen!


Thank you!





Update on Kurokawa Onsen and Recent Earthquakes in Central Kyushu

Kurokawa Onsen is within the area badly affected by two recent large earthquakes in central Kyushu on 4/14 and 4/16.

There have been no casualties in the area,but there has been damage to some Inn buildings and baths and      several places have had to close temporarily to assess and repair the damage.  Some are reopening as soon as today (4/18) but others ( including Kurokawaso,Nishimura,Yumerindo,Yusai,Ikoi,Yamamizuki, will not open for business until later this week and a few (Ichinoi,San-ai Kogen Hotel,Yamanoyu) do not know when they will reopen. However ,this information is constantly changing and there are still aftershocks which may slow down the repair and recovery process.

Some roads in the prefecture are still blocked and there is congestion on those that are open,public transport to and from Kurokawa is also affected. I`m sorry that I don`t have detailed information on this at the moment,again it is changing day by day.

Please check with the individual ryokan OR Kurokawa Visitor Center (+81-967-44-0076) if you have a booking or are planning on coming to Kurokawa Onsen in the near future. I live in a nearby town and have been able to find this information from a Japanese source on Facebook,but have not been able to visit the area yet myself and my Japanese contact there at Wakaba Inn (which IS open as normal) is busy with the clear up operations there.

It`s been a tough few days, but from the information I have, most of Kurokawa should be bouncing back for business in time for Golden Week as long as there are no further setbacks.

Please keep us in your thoughts.image