Shopping and Eating in Kurokawa # 8: Fudo Cafe

Fudo (風°C) is a fairly new café that popped up on Sakuradori Street (gekkojyu) and has a covered deck area where you can sit and look out onto the street. Open from 11:00 to 17:00 every day the café offers a variety of drinks and snacks for eating in or taking out.



Covered deck at Fudo Cafe

We chose to eat in ,as it was a cool and wet afternoon,but several customers were wrapped up in their yukata robes and tanzen  (short jackets) and enjoying drinks out on the deck. The large,juicy meatburger sold here (¥600) was a hit with my son,while my daughter and I sipped herb tea in real china tea cups. The hibiscus tea (¥200) was refreshing,but we were a little disappointed that other yummy-sounding teas (caramel and strawberry) advertised on the chalkboard menu were not available.



A really meaty burger !


Pictures of items on the menu are clearly displayed on the wall and counter,so its easy to point to what you`d like to order. Prices seemed reasonable for the quality and amount of food,although a plate of sirloin steak would set you back ¥2500. Seasonal specialities are also available.



Inside Fudo cafe



Open daily 11:00 to 17:00

English menu/signs


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