Shopping and Eating in Kurokawa #7: Terakoya Senbei (Rice cracker) Shop

Wasabi (horseradish),red pepper,sweet plum….these are just a few of the unusual,mouthwatering flavours of rice cracker on sale at Terakoya Rice Cracker Shop  (寺子屋煎餅店)on Sakuradori Street. We couldn`t resist the wonderful aroma of freshly-baked crackers,and ended up buying a few to take out and eat while we wandered around town.



Terakoya Rice Crackers


The selection of flavours made it hard to choose…..I tried a sugar plum crispy cracker,which was huge,and my son tried Wasabi. One of the specialities at this store are the `semi-soft’ (mochi-yaki) crackers,which are smaller and served on a skewer like a kebab,but I was worried about maybe losing a filling and opted for the full crunch variety of cracker.


Selection of semi-soft and crunchy crackers

Selection of semi-soft and crunchy crackers


Inside the shop are further varieties of crackers packaged ready for edible `0miyage` (souvenir) shopping ,with detailed descriptions in English and starting at around ¥130 per cracker. There`s also a small area where you can sit and rest while you eat your take out cracker.



Red pepper? You must be crackers!


Detailed descriptions of the various flavours
















Open daily 9:30 to 17:30

Credit cards not accepted (even though this store is one of a chain,also located in Yufuin and other tourist spots 😕 )

Detailed signs in English




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