Onsen-hopping in Kurokawa

So let`s get down to the serious stuff right away….why do people come to Kurokawa Onsen?

They come for the famous hot spring baths, why else?  Day-trippers and Ryokan guests alike can

make the most of their time here by getting their hands on one of these….


You NEED this!

You NEED this!




It`s an Onsen-hopping Pass or `nyuto tegata`(入湯手形),and the latest version features

KUMAMON alongside a cheery chap who until recently had looked rather lonely in the bath….

The pass is available from the Visitor Center or reception desk at any of the 24 participating

Kurokawa Onsen Association member inns for only ¥1200 (adults) or ¥700 (children). It lets

you try THREE  different public outdoor baths (that works out as a total saving of ¥300 on the

usual price of ¥500 per bath). You can wear it around your neck (even in the bath,it`s made of

locally-grown cedar) and then when you`ve finished Onsen-hopping it makes a cool souvenir….

(Shhh..I am actually balancing  a cup of coffee on mine at the moment,it makes an ideal coaster!)


Just show the pass at reception of each Ryokan you visit and they will remove one of the stickers

on the back and stamp it with their own seal . The pass is valid for 6 months if you don`t manage

to try three baths in one go.


Now….how do I choose WHICH three?

Watch this space




Well,you could click on `Onsen MAP` at top right   for a sneak preview…










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Teacher at フレンズ英会話 "Friends"English Conversation School
Resident in Kyushu for over 20 years and fortunate to be living in this beautiful corner of Aso close to a number of onsens including Kurokawa, which I love to visit with friends or my guests from overseas. Keeping this semi-official blog in English for the Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Association now gives me the perfect excuse...I just HAVE to try all the (public outdoor) baths I possibly can!

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