Heavy rain in Kurokawa and area July 6th,2017 and July 7th UPDATE

Good morning,

Overnight (from July 5th to 6th,2017) there has been extremely heavy rain in areas of Northern Kyushu,especially parts of  Fukuoka,Oita and Kumamoto prefectures. Please check your travel route if you are traveling to Kurokawa today as there may be some disruptions. Hotels and Ryokan are open as usual,but today onsen-hopping will not be possible after such heavy rain.

More rain is likely today,so please drive carefully or be prepared for some disruption to public transport along certain routes in northern Kyushu.

For up to date information,please call the Visitor Center on 0967-44-0076

Or contact the Ryokan where you have a reservation.

UPDATE on July 7th.

Thr rain is not quite as heavy today in the area,but unfortunately highway bus services to and  from Kurokawa have been disrupted. Currently there is no service running to and from Fukuoka,and the Kyushu Odan bus is not stopping at Kurokawa or Minami Oguni Town Hall. If you are taking the latter bus,please get off at San-Ai Resthouse and contact your Ryokan,someone will pick you up for the 5 minute drive down into Kurokawa Onsen.

Onsen-hopping is available today,but not at Yamamizuki,Shinmeikan,Yamamizuki and Hozantei as these baths are located close to the river. There are also a few small landslides along some of the narrow roads in the area and one or two diversions.



Taken earlier this month,hydrangeas along Ajisadori ,Kurokawa.





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