Fundraising for the restoration of Aso Shrine,Kumamoto

Fundraising for Aso ShrineWith permission from the Kurokawa Onsen Association I`m posting with news of my efforts to raise money for the restoration of Aso Shrine in Aso,Kumamoto. During the major earthquakes in April 2016,the imposing main gate or `romon`collapsed,as did the main worship hall and several other buildings belonging to the shrine.

Kumamon is helping me collect donations…..


However,if you would like to donate with a credit card from overseas,please check here to donate through crowdfunding .

Aso Shrine is a very popular sightseeing destination for many who  pass through this part of Kyushu,visit Aso and stay at Kurokawa Onsen,let`s all do our bit to help with the restoration of this important cultural asset,which could take over 10 years….



Let`s see this…



Returned to this…image


Thank you for your help!


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Teacher at フレンズ英会話 "Friends"English Conversation School
Resident in Kyushu for over 20 years and fortunate to be living in this beautiful corner of Aso close to a number of onsens including Kurokawa, which I love to visit with friends or my guests from overseas. Keeping this semi-official blog in English for the Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Association now gives me the perfect excuse...I just HAVE to try all the (public outdoor) baths I possibly can!

2 thoughts on “Fundraising for the restoration of Aso Shrine,Kumamoto

  1. We visited Kurokawa earlier this week and noticed how quite it was. The manager of the ryokan we stayed in said that lots of overseas visitors had cancelled because of the earthquake. He asked that we encourage people to come if we enjoyed it: we certainly did! So I was a bit surprised that the asscoociation’s website still mentions the impact. We saw none and felt no aftershocks. Indeed, although some towns and villages have been devastated, it seems quite local. So I would not want tourism to suffer and widen that impact.
    Maybe worth looking at the message now?
    And thanks for your blog. It was very useful.

    • Thank you, I contacted the Ryokan Association soon after I read your comment,and they have now removed that message.
      Kurokawa is still very quiet,it will be a while before everything returns to normal but as you point out ,there is no reason to miss Kurokawa
      off a travel itinerary now or at any time later this year!

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