Eating and Shopping in Kurokawa #4 : Yunon Cafe and Gift Shop

Want to get some shopping and snacking done in the same place? Why not pop into Yunon  (湯音)Café and Gift Shop along Shimokawabata Dori ,the main shopping street by the river in the center of Kurokawa. Open every day from 9am to 6pm,it`s a busy and popular place with overseas and Japanese tourists alike.



Yunon Cafe and shop front


One side of the shop is filled with a selection of popular Kumamoto `omiyage` (souvenirs) of the edible kind,with a crunchy  snack in several different flavours called `karin-to` currently ranking #1, small bottles of flavoured cooking oil ranking at #2 and baumkuchen containing Oguni Jersey milk ranks at #3.



Tasteful selection of edible souvenirs


On the other side of the premises you can sit down at the counter with a glass of hot or cold café au lait (¥270) again made with Oguni Jersey milk, a soft ice cream cone (¥330) ,a beer, a horse meat croquette….or some plain fried chicken….there is certainly an interesting variety of snacks,and the menu and sign board outside do include clear photos with English printed under the Japanese.



Take away is also available!


I opted for a sweet and tasty `ikinaridango` which I took out, and then I continued my stroll around the streets on this rainy afternoon….




Rainy Kurokawa stroll…





OPEN DAILY: 9:00 to 18:00



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