Eating and Shopping in Kurokawa #3: Roku Cake shop

I find it impossible to walk past this bustling little cake shop without popping in for their speciality choux cream buns,freshly-filled to order (¥220) You can perch at the small table in the shop or on a bench outside and gobble them down straightaway (coffee is served too sometimes,but this may depend on how busy the shop is) or have them carefully packaged up with dry ice if you are taking them home for later.


Choux buns ready for filling!


ROKU shop front


Located in the narrow Shimokawabata-dori Street, ROKU (麓パティスリー)is on the corner just across from a small temple. It can get very crowded at times,with tourists buying boxes of cakes just after checking out mid-morning and before travelling home. Opening hours are from 9am to 6pm, closed Tuesdays. The cakes on display are mouth-watering,ranging from Apple pies to Swiss Rolls and cheesecakes and other seasonal choices.


Please note that ROKU is primarily a cake shop,not a sit down cafe,although they do let you perch for a short time to devour your recently purchased goodies!

And a polite request from the staff…..PLEASE do not touch any unwrapped cakes before you purchase!!! I know it can perhaps be hard for some of you to control yourselves….but it`s a no-no!



OPEN DAILY (not Tuesdays) 9:00 to 18:00

A little English spoken





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