Resumption of Onsen-hopping in Kurokawa Onsen from June 1st,2020

We are pleased to announce that from Monday June 1st onsen-hopping at  Kurokawa Onsen will resume as the temporary closure notice from late April is lifted. At the same time , the Kurokawa Onsen Visitor Center  (Kazenoya) will reopen for the sale of onsen-hopping passes.
Here at Kurokawa Onsen new measures have been implemented to help prevent any future spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus and we ask for your cooperation and understanding. Please also note that during this resumption period not all outdoor baths will be accessible to the public,and opening times may vary.
* At the Visitor Center and at the individual Ryokan measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus    will be in place.
* The usual onsen-hopping period of 8:30 to 21:00 may vary according to individual Ryokan.
* Certain additional  restrictions concerning the number of people entering may be in place at some
* You will be given a bag when you purchase an onsen-hopping pass,please use this for your clothes       when  getting changed before entering the bath.
A Request to Onsen-hoppers
* In addition,prior to Onsen-hopping you will be asked to fill out a form with your name and contact information ,(purely as a measure to help control any future outbreak of the coronavirus)
*Please inform staff if you have a fever,cold symptoms or are generally feeling unwell.
* Please wear a mask when you visit Kurokawa Onsen
* Shared items ,such as baskets, may not be provided in the changing rooms.Please use the bag       provided for  carrying your clothes and personal items or use your own bag.
Currently Suspended
Please note that bar-hopping , electric bicycle rental and yukata rental have NOT been resumed at this time.
We apologise for any inconvenience and ask for your cooperation during this period.

Extension of temporary closure period at Kurokawa Onsen May 2020

Owing to the continuing COVID 19 crisis in Japan and worldwide,the decision has been made to extend the temporary closure period of facilities at Kurokawa Onsen to May 31st,2020.

– shops,restaurants in Kurokawa are closed

– Visitor Center (Kazenoya) and adjacent parking lot are closed

– Onsen-hopping at the various outdoor baths, bar-hopping ,yukata rental and bicycle rental services       are all suspended

IF you already have a reservation in Kurokawa in the near future,please be sure to check directly with the individual Ryokan to check their policy during this time. Some Ryokan are  closed, some plan to open again from May 16th, others are open only at the weekend to honour existing reservations.

Telephone enquiries to the Kurokawa Visitor Center ( 0967- 44-0076)   Between 9am and 1 pm only.


Thankyou once more for your understanding and support during these difficult times.

We look forward to seeing you again in Kurokawa in the future!









Kurokawa Onsen temporary closure during Golden Week 2020

Kurokawa Onsen Ryokan Association has made the difficult ,but necessary, decision to temporarily close the following facilities during Golden Week ( from April 29th to May 6th,2020) in an effort to help stop the further spread of the Covid 19 virus.

– All Member Ryokan,shops and restaurants in Kurokawa Onsen

-Visitor Center (Kazenoya) and parking lot

-All outdoor public baths

Onsen-hopping ,bar-hopping,bicycle rental and yukata rental will also not be possible during this period. Bamboo illuminations along the river will also be suspended.

Although the Visitor Center will be closed to the public,the telephone line will be manned, for enquiries please call 0967 44 0076 (9am to 6pm).



The situation will be reviewed continuously and we will provide updates after Golden Week.

Thankyou everyone for your cooperation during these extremely difficult times . We apologise for any inconvenience caused. Let’s get through this together .




Spring at last! Kurokawa update for March 2020.




Wandering around the center of Kurokawa late one Monday afternoon in March ,the sun is bright and the sky blue, but the streets are noticeably  quieter than usual.



Kurokawa resident


Well….maybe just a little quieter, there is a notable absence of tour groups, and most of the visitors in town  seem to be young ,recently graduated students on day trips. Inns and outdoor public  baths  are all open ,as are most of the shops, cafes and restaurants .


Bechinkan  Center ,Yukata and Bicycle rental.

Bechinkan Center ,Yukata and Bicycle rental.


Plenty of interesting little shops to look around…..and



The ¥1000 store


Marusho Giftshop














…..I found a friendly dog waiting to greet visitors at Sakura-an  Cafe…..



Sakura-an Cafe


It’s spring, cherry blossom season is almost here and Kurokawa is always here. We are open and waiting to welcome you,so please take the opportunity to visit and enjoy the peace,quiet and beauty!


Onsen -hoppers leave their mark....

Onsen -hoppers leave their mark….





A Happy New Year of the Mouse,2020!

A Happy New Year of the Mouse ,2020!
Chilly evenings may draw in quickly during the winter months,but you’re sure to find a warm and bright welcome in Kurokawa at this time of year!


Visitor Centre,Kurokawa.

Visitor Centre,Kurokawa.


The Visitor Center offers  a particularly warm welcome during this season.  You can browse through the various maps and leaflets ,purchase your Onsen-hopping pass (and obtain your form to enter the 3-millionth visitor contest ) ,do a spot of souvenir shopping or just warm your hands in front of the cosy wood -burning stove .






Visitor Center Reception
















Wander out into the streets and you’ll find a variety of lights,lamps and illuminations ,with the main bamboo light display  (湯あかりor yuakari)along the river  being switched on at 5pm every evening until the end of March. Don’t miss the various photo opportunities along the riverbank!



Kurokawa light up “yuakari” 2020!


Kurokawa cafes offer a chance to sit down and warm up with a hot bowl of ‘Zenzai ’ (a traditional New Year dish of sweet red bean soup with small rice dumplings ) and brightly-lit shops will tempt you out of the cold. I haven’t mentioned the obvious….but your quickest way of warming up this season will be ,of course, to soak in a luxuriously hot outdoor bath ……take your choice from over twenty five locations available to the Kurokawa Onsen-hoppers . And …..the Onsen -hopping pass is still a bargain in 2020 at a cost of ¥1300 for entry into 3 different public outdoor baths.


‘Kadomatsu’ New Year Decoration in front of Kurokawa Visitor Center.

‘Kadomatsu’ New Year Decoration in front of Kurokawa Visitor Center.


PS.  Catch some drumming and rice cake (mochi) making at Bechinkan,down the steps behind the Visitor  Center,on January 12th from midday!

Wonder at the sight of a cackling bonfire of bamboo at `dondoya` on January 13th from 10am (But please enquire at the Visitor Center about the exact location as this event is held in nearby fields)


*  Please note that the times and locations of these events may be subject to change depending on the weather and local conditions. As always,at this time of year please take care on the roads,which can sometimes be slippy at night or early in the morning when temperatures can drop to below freezing.