NEW Shared Onsen-hopping pass for groups!

Since  the middle of January a new type of shared onsen-hopping pass  (シェア入湯手形 sheya nytotegata)  has been on sale at the Visitor Center in Kurokawa.

Ideal if you are visiting with a group of friends the pass costs only ¥2200 and allows a total of 6 entries to the baths.

(Single entrance to a bath is usually between ¥500 and ¥800,so you could easily save at least ¥800) here are some sample combinations for your shared pass!

-A group of six could enter one choice of bath once

-A group of three could enter a choice of two different baths once

-A couple could enter a choice of three different baths once    etc etc

The pass is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase and is undergoing a trial period. It is the same size as the regular onsen-hopping pass,but just has more stickers on the back. (One sticker will be removed per person per bath entrance)

So if you are visiting Kurokawa with a group of friends in the near future,please give it a try!


Japanese follows…..


Snow and ice in Kurokawa and area, February 2017


UPDATE: ( February 18) Snow and ice cleared quickly,but cold conditions may return later this month,so please do check the weather forecast before setting out .

Kurokawa and area look absolutely stunning today (February 9th) after a few cms of snow during the night….but please do take care if you are driving. Temperatures drop considerably at night, and there will be icy patches in the early morning ,especially on the roads to and from some of the ryokan a little way out of the center of town. Winter tyres or chains may be necessary,if in doubt please ask the inn staff before you leave,or the car rental clerk before you set off on the drive to Kurokawa. Coaches use tyre chains in the snowy conditions,and are not usually badly affected.

Take great care if you are driving from Kumamoto on the `Milk Road`!

Of course….if the worst comes to the worst,Kurokawa has got to be one of the best places to be snowed in for a day or two!


Light snow,a photo from mid January.



View from a Ryokan in central Kurokawa this morning (February 9th)