Update #5 on Kurokawa Onsen

The center of Kurokawa Onsen is a little quieter than normal,with inns,baths,shops and restaurants open and waiting for your visit!  Temperatures for May are perhaps a little higher than usual,but the streets are green and shady….and there are plenty of shops selling ice cream and cool drinks.

Perfect photo opportunities too along the river….





Buses are running between Hakata (Fukuoka) and Kurokawa close to a normal schedule,with a slight detour near Tsuetate which doesn`t add any extra time to the journey.

A bus from Kumamoto to Kurokawa (then on to Yufuin and Beppu) is running once a day. From 5/16 the bus also stops at Aso Station and Uchinomaki. The bus  leaves from in front of Kumamoto Station,stop 3, at 12:15 and arrives in Kurokawa at 14:55.

The bus from Kurokawa back to Kumamoto leaves at 10:35  (return includes a stop at Cuddly Dominion too at 11:35) and arrives back at Kumamoto Station at 13:11

Please do CHECK the schedules before your journey as this is a temporary schedule in effect from May 16,2016.

Kumamoto Kotsu Center  tel: 096-325-0100

Kurokawa Onsen Visitor Center  tel: 0967-44-0076



By road,access is possible from Kumamoto if you take the scenic `Milk Road` from Ozu (Route 45) , then on to Minami Oguni (Kurokawa) on Route 212.

From Fukuoka ,Hita and the North if you exit at Hita IC you will need to follow the diversion on the so-called `Farmroad` OR  exit at Kokonoe IC and take route 210 then 387.   (This is due to a landslide on route 212 between Oyama and Matsubara dam).



All in business as usual apart from San-Ai Kogen hotel which will reopen in August 2016.

Kurokawaso is scheduled to reopen in the autumn .

Nanjoen Ryokan (just across from the Visitor Center) is currently closed,but according to the website the outdoor baths are open as normal for visitors.


Thank you,and we look forward to seeing you soon in Kurokawa Onsen!












Fundraising for the restoration of Aso Shrine,Kumamoto

Fundraising for Aso ShrineWith permission from the Kurokawa Onsen Association I`m posting with news of my efforts to raise money for the restoration of Aso Shrine in Aso,Kumamoto. During the major earthquakes in April 2016,the imposing main gate or `romon`collapsed,as did the main worship hall and several other buildings belonging to the shrine.

Kumamon is helping me collect donations…..


However,if you would like to donate with a credit card from overseas,please check here to donate through crowdfunding .

Aso Shrine is a very popular sightseeing destination for many who  pass through this part of Kyushu,visit Aso and stay at Kurokawa Onsen,let`s all do our bit to help with the restoration of this important cultural asset,which could take over 10 years….



Let`s see this…



Returned to this…image


Thank you for your help!


Update #4 on Kurokawa Onsen after the Kumamoto Earthquakes (bus from Kumamoto to Beppu now running!)

Its`s a beautiful morning,sunny and breezy here in this part of Kyushu after a wet and blustery day yesterday.




Getting ready to welcome visitors for Golden Week


So….all in all a perfect day for a stroll around Kurokawa Onsen , a dip and a bite to eat. I`m happy to report that my favourite cake shop in Kurokawa is also open again now!  Visitors are returning to Kurokawa Onsen to enjoy `Golden Week`.


Fresh green foliage…



Fresh choux cream buns…


















This brief update is just to let you know that almost all Ryokan  and baths are in operation now,with the exception of:

Kurokawa So,Kounoyu,Nanjoen (reopening date not yet decided,but baths are already open at Kounoyu)

San -Ai Kogen Hotel (reopening 8/1)

Also,the baths at Yusai and Misato cannot be used at the moment



From 5/1 there is ONE bus a day from Kumamoto to Beppu via Kurokawa and Yufuin and ONE in the opposite direction. Please check on the Kyushu Odan Bus website for exact details,or call the Kurokawa Visitor Center (81 0967-44-0819) or the Kyusanko Bus Center (81 096-325-0100) as this information is likely to change.

According to the Japanese schedule,from 5/1:


Kumamoto Station (Stop 3) 12:15

Kumamoto Airport 13:00

Kurokawa 14:38

Yufuin Station 16:23

Beppu Station 17:14



Beppu Station 8:09

Yufuin Station 9:00

Kurokawa  10:45

Kumamoto Airport 12:15

Kumamoto Station  13:05


Enjoy the rest of Golden Week and please don`t hesitate to visit Kurokawa Onsen now ,or  in the near (or even more distant)  future!