Update #3 on Kurokawa Onsen after Recent Earthquakes


Helpful staff at Kurokawa Visitor Center

My contact at Wakaba Inn in central Kurokawa and the staff at the Visitor Center are happy to report that most inns and baths are OPEN AS NORMAL . Please see below for latest information on those that will be opening soon for Golden Week .

(Information correct as of 9am on 4/27)


Ryokan Yamanoyu :  open from 4/28

Ryokan Ichinoi :   expecting to open from 4/29

Yumerindo :  open from 4/29 (for entry to baths only)

Hanadomari :  open from 4/29

Ryokan Okunoyu :  open from 4/29

Wafuryokan Misato :  open from 4/30  (baths cannot be used)

Nonohana :   open from 5/1

San-Ai Kogen Hotel :  open from 8/1

(However,the following inns do not yet know when they will be able to reopen:

Kurokawaso,Ryokan Konoyu,Ryokan Nanjoen,Ryokan Nishimura )


Shops,cafes and restaurants are also mostly open , but please note that they may be closed on days other than their scheduled days off.

The situation may change at short notice,so please check with Kurokawa Vistor Center (+81-967-44-0076) who will have the updated information on a daily basis, or with the individual establishments before your trip.


A rainy morning in Kurokawa…..but Golden Week will be brighter!!


















Update #2 Buses from Hakata to Kurokawa are running (from 4/23)

Buses are now (as from 4/23) running from Hakata to  Kurokawa three times a day,with a detour around Tsuetate where Route 212 has been blocked by landslides in several places.

This information is correct as of 4/23

Depart Hakata  8:51    Arrive Kurokawa  11:47

Depart Hakata 9:51    Arrive Kurokawa 12:47

Depart Hakata 13:54  Arrive Kurokawa  16:50

* * * * * *

Depart Kurokawa  11:00   Arrive Hakata  13:46

Depart Kurokawa 14:00    Arrive Hakata  16:46

Depart Kurokawa 16:00  Arrive Hakata  18:46


Apart from missing out Tsuetate the other stops are as usual (timetable below,sorry,Japanese only)



Update on Kurokawa Onsen and Recent Earthquakes in Central Kyushu

Kurokawa Onsen is within the area badly affected by two recent large earthquakes in central Kyushu on 4/14 and 4/16.

There have been no casualties in the area,but there has been damage to some Inn buildings and baths and      several places have had to close temporarily to assess and repair the damage.  Some are reopening as soon as today (4/18) but others ( including Kurokawaso,Nishimura,Yumerindo,Yusai,Ikoi,Yamamizuki, will not open for business until later this week and a few (Ichinoi,San-ai Kogen Hotel,Yamanoyu) do not know when they will reopen. However ,this information is constantly changing and there are still aftershocks which may slow down the repair and recovery process.

Some roads in the prefecture are still blocked and there is congestion on those that are open,public transport to and from Kurokawa is also affected. I`m sorry that I don`t have detailed information on this at the moment,again it is changing day by day.

Please check with the individual ryokan OR Kurokawa Visitor Center (+81-967-44-0076) if you have a booking or are planning on coming to Kurokawa Onsen in the near future. I live in a nearby town and have been able to find this information from a Japanese source on Facebook,but have not been able to visit the area yet myself and my Japanese contact there at Wakaba Inn (which IS open as normal) is busy with the clear up operations there.

It`s been a tough few days, but from the information I have, most of Kurokawa should be bouncing back for business in time for Golden Week as long as there are no further setbacks.

Please keep us in your thoughts.image