`Kurokawaonsen Kanshasai` festival schedule details

My student at one of the Ryokan in Kurokawa did a translation of the schedule of events at the two-day festival in Kurokawa,

so this may be helpful if you are planning to join in:

* * * * * * *

Every year there is a big event in Kurokawa in October “Kurokawaonsen Kanshasai”

This year it will be on October 4th and 5th. Please come and join in the fun!


OCTOBER 4TH schedule of events

15:00 Drums and band

Various foods stalls

16:00  Lucky draw for childen. (free)

games for children

17:30 Live band!

18:00  Official opening

18:10 Kagura performance

19:00 Arm wrestling(men)

Bottom sumo (women)

20:00 Traditional “Ushibuka Haiya” dance performance

20:30 Drum performance

20:45 Catch a mochi rice cake!

20:55 Closing remarks

Lucky draw results!

21:55 Fireworks


Place: Visitor Center car park

* * * * * *

OCTOBER 5TH schedule of events


Parade in samurai costume

Start 11am from “Sanai rest house”

The route is along “Kawabatadori” through the center of Kurokawa and takes approx.1 hour


The red line shows the route of the parade.

(from right to left)


Bring your camera!

In the event of rain the parade will be cancelled.